10th March 2004

Open letter to Uday Kiran

Dear Uday,

First things first, I'm not an ardent fan of you, however, I have a soft side for you. I want to write this open letter to you as a well-wisher. Hopefully, you'll get to read this.

Coming to my point, Right off the bat, you have certain advantages - your looks (both handsome and boy next door image), your fan following, especially among girls and students/youth, and your blockbusters history. Your hatrick of movie hits (Chitram, nuvvu nenu and manansantha nuvve) can never be forgotten by the movie industry, not to mention your Nee Sneham movie. The songs in all your movies, including the ones that are not such big hits - kalusukovalani, love today, holi are just some examples, are just superb and can be remembered by one and all for a long time.

There is nothing wrong in doing multi-starrer movies. But, make sure that you don't become a supporting character or a sidekick, in a movie, that does not have a meaty role. If (once) that starts happening, you'll be approached by producers/directors to do similar roles and eventually, you'll be faded/history.

Uday, read the script first and choose the right one that may or may not suit your image, then focus on the director. If the movie becomes another blockbuster, nobody cares whether the role suited your image or not. Image can be created by you, the actor, not necessarily forced upon you by public/movie industry. It is understood that you didn't know anybody from the movie industry and you didn't have any backing from the industry people. Apply the same principle now and try harder to get to the right guys just like you did before you started your acting career. You'll get the same results or even better results. Similarly, we also know that last year was a very turbulent one for you personally. But, put that behind you and get another blockbuster by concentrating on the good points and see the magic! See how everything changes and how everybody will be after you once again!

You can feel free to drop a line at rbanda@iwon.com.

Good luck! All the Best!
Ravi S. Banda

1.Uday doing latest Telugu Movie in the direction of Subhaselvam. Shweta Basu Prasad plays female lead.

2.Uday Kiran & Meera Jasmine Pairing together in Tamil Flick '‘Pen Singam". Tamil nadu Chief Minister M Karunanidhi penning the story, screenplay and dialogues for the movie.

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