July 18 , 2007

Open Letter to Uday Kiran

Hello Uday,

I can say that I'm a hardcore fan of you. Firstly, I would like to wish you a successful film career once again with the film "Viyyalavari kayyalu". I know that this film is very important to you and for the efforts that you and your team have put in will surely enjoy the fruit of it in the near future. I became a fan of you with the film "Manasantha Nuvve". That was your film that I saw first and then followed by Nuvvu Nenu I have seen all your movies. I've not missed even a single film of yours. The reason for liking your movies is firstly, they are very decent movies, secondly, I like almost all the music albums of your movies, thirdly, I like your dancing style, and lastly your commitment towards the roles you portray.

Most of the songs from your movies are very soothing and humming. Though you dance with simply steps, I like your style of dancing. You dance with ease, feel and grace. Anyone who watches you dance would like to dance along with you because your steps are very cool. The commitment you have shown in acting can been seen in every film you did. Your acting skills have been improved tremendously with each film and with the film "Abaddam" you have proved that you are a complete actor. Unfortunately the film could not reach many audiences. It's a sheer bad luck I can say. Though the script is different from that of others, the screenplay was outdated. Though I agree that Balachander sir is a legend and gave us many classic movies, he should have given the script to Radha Mohan. He would have made wonders with it. No doubt I'm a very big fan of Balachander sir too.

Nee Sneham is one more film that I've to talk about. You have excelled in each frame. Only drawback was Arthi Agarwal. She was not at all serious in her role in the second half where she has so much to perform. Had she taken it seriously the film's outcome would have been great.

From the film Nuvvu Nenu I started liking your dancing style. It's not heavy but still it's eye catching. One more thing that I've to tell is about your dress sense. In tollywood, I think after Nagarjuna, it's only you who is perfect in dressing. Now a days, it's hard to see an actor having everything in him like looks, dress sense, style, acting and dancing with expressions. And I think that you one of those actors who have all the above mentioned. Yes! No one can deny this.

Some of my favourite dances of yours are as follows:

1. Udhayinchina sooryuni adiga (Kalasukovalani) 2. Cheliya cheliya singaram (kalasukovalani) 3. Thala Thala mani (Kalasukovalani) 4. The dance done on the stage on college day (Nuvvu Nenu) 5. Cheppave Prema (Manasantha Nuvve) 6. Monalisa Monalisa (Sreeram) 7.Rango bhothi Eh rango bhothi (Sreeram) 8. Avunani Antavo (Holi) 9. Chintamani Siggu Padindhi (Holi) 10. Emo Avunemo Nijamemo (Nee Sneham) 11.Gummare Gummare Mudhu Gummare (NNNN) 12.Telugu Basha Teeya Dhanam (NNNN) 13.Paate Vinte Oope Oogaliraa (Aunnanna Kaadanna). 14.Hitler Pilla (Abaddam)

It's really good to know that you have learnt to live with highs and lows and that's a healthy thinking. Based on the knowledge that I've, I would suggest you to go for family entertainers instead of complete action movies. Why I'm saying this is because I read in one of your interviews that you are trying to come out of the image of lover boy. That's fine, but choose such scripts which are of family oriented with little action in it. This is my request only because in the process of gaining fans from rural areas you should not loose your present fans. Good films will fetch you more number of fans automatically.

Uday! There are hundreds of fans for you like me who are eagerly waiting to see you on silver screen again. All the best for the film "Viyyalavari Kayyalu" on behalf of all your hardcore fans.

Please reciprocate to this letter if you read it.

Yours Loving Sister,

1.Uday doing latest Telugu Movie in the direction of Subhaselvam. Shweta Basu Prasad plays female lead.

2.Uday Kiran & Meera Jasmine Pairing together in Tamil Flick '‘Pen Singam". Tamil nadu Chief Minister M Karunanidhi penning the story, screenplay and dialogues for the movie.

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