23rd July 2003

Open letter to Uday Kiran

Hi Uday

 Open letter to my favorite tollywood actor "Hr"Uday Kiran and here I am.I am not good at expressing myself in words but let me give it a shot and I hope I get through it. I'll keep this letter as simple as I can.

First of all let me tell something about my interest in Telugu movies. I watched Premalayam in 1995 and after that I never watched a single telugu movie till Okke Okkadu. The reason being, I felt that the movies then were all of the same storyline and also because I never had a favorite actor from tollywood. I usually watched all Hindi and some English movies at that time. Then one day I felt sorry for my parents (I always watched movies with my parents, never with my friends) since they were missing telugu movies because of me and said lets watch Okke Okkadu. Even after that I used to go to the cinema hall and fall asleep I never used to watch a single shot of the movie. Then one fine day I saw the (50 days) trailer of "Priyatama" song from Nuvvu Nenu . The next thing I know I am a huge fan of you( or should I say your dimple) and I saw the movie a couple of times just for the song. From that day on for some strange reason I started watching telugu movies with some interest. As I have the habit of putting up posters of my favorite stuff in my room , the first actor whose poster I put up in my room was yours. Then I missed your Manasantha Nuvve as I had to leave for US. But I am happy to say it was the first movie I saw here in US.

Most of my family members and friends here at my university know that I am a fan of yours and tease me a lot. As I am the youngest girl graduate student in my university they call me "kid" and when they came to know that I am a huge fan of another tollywood hero who is almost of my age and having dimples like me , they always say " our dimpled kid is a fan of another dimpled tollywood kid" .

Ok going on to the opinions stuff
Let me give my opinions about your movies:

Chitram: I didn't watch this movie till date so I can't comment on the same.

Nuvvu Nenu: I liked your screen presence in the Priyatama song . I thought your action needs some improvement after watching this movie. Even though your dialogue delivery seemed a lit bit odd I liked it and I felt your pronunciation was somewhat cute.

Manasantha Nuvve: I felt you didn't improve much in either your dialogue delivery or your action. But I liked the movie and know some of the dialogues by heart. My favorite being "ikada nijamgane kompallu munighi pothunayyi" and "nenu baguchesithanu antunanu kadha" I liked your peculiar yet cute dialogue delivery in both the above scenes.

Sreeram: I should say you did a good job at pumping up some iron for this movie and you( especially your dimple) looked extra cute in the movie though I didn't like the movie especially your single mass dialogue in the movie. I felt your facial expressions in the movie were not upto the mark .

Kalusukovalani: I just saw this movie for "Uday"inchina Suryudini adiga song. I didn't like the movie at all and I felt you looked over-weight and hence not at all cute in the movie and your performance still needs improvement.

Holi: I saw this movie umpteen number of times. You showed tremendous improvement in your dialogue delivery ,dance and facial expressions. My pick would be your performance in chintamani song. The one thing I didn't like in this movie was your smile. I felt you were just smiling to show of your dimples in each and every scene. I felt it was somewhat odd. But good thing was you seemed to loose a bit of weight in this movie.

Nee Sneham: I didn't like this movie maybe because of the storyline. Unlike in Holi you seemed to smile less just for the cause showing off your dimples.

Finally , I wish whatever not so good things have happened in your life over the past few months don't affect your personal life much or spoil your movie career. I also wish you maintain the same tempo as in Holi (minus the unnecessary smiling part) and Nee Sneham. I think you lost enough weight for the Suresh prods. Movie with Sreya and I am eagerly waiting for it. I am an ardent fan of you Uday (or should I say your dimples I seemed to be always confused ) and I will always be :.

I hope I didn't hurt one's feelings with this letter and I am sorry if I did so. Thanks once again Jeevi garu for giving me this opportunity and all the best Uday, may God be with you all through your life

Dil se….

1.Uday doing latest Telugu Movie in the direction of Subhaselvam. Shweta Basu Prasad plays female lead.

2.Uday Kiran & Meera Jasmine Pairing together in Tamil Flick '‘Pen Singam". Tamil nadu Chief Minister M Karunanidhi penning the story, screenplay and dialogues for the movie.

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